Orgasms For Valentines Day ( An Event You Don't Want To Miss)

So I have combined a few passions of mine before Valentines Day. My love for educating and my love for adult pleasure products (and for those of you who are totally clueless, I’m talking about sex toys).


For many people, shopping for such a product can be confusing, scary and confronting. We often have that desire to test out a product, but walking in to some sex shops to buy it, is not always the best experience. It is not like asking a shop assistant if they have a dress in another size. It might mean you have to talk about sex with a total stranger! If you choose to explore on the internet, which can often be the safer and more comfortable option, there might be the confusion as to what the product actually looks and feels like. In a sex shop you might be able to pick up a tester and really suss it out, but over the internet you are limited to photos and print.


And what about if you have never used an adult pleasure product before in your life? You might be left with questions such as, what should I use, where does that go, or how does that work? Sometimes it helps to know the basics before you pick up that vibe.


So to help you with all these dilemmas and also to put a little heat into this Valentines Day, I will be running an evening just for the ladies over in North Sydney (sorry for those not in the Sydney area or for those boys who wanted to attend, you will get your chance soon) on Thursday the 9th of February at 7pm.


This will be a fun, flirty, educational and sexy night, finding out about the latest and greatest in adult pleasure products and how to get the most out of them. I will be presenting a bit about the most popular products and how and where to use them, even how to introduce your partner to your new best friend – the vibrator!


You will receive a glass of champagne on arrival and as the night is sponsored by the fabulous people at Lelo, you will also receive a free Lelo gift.  There will also be 25% off all products on the night. This is not just an event for those in a relationship, if you do not have someone to celebrate this Valentines Day with, then why not spend it with someone special -you! (I know that sounds mushy but it’s true – anyone up for multiple orgasms this Valentines Day?)


Places are limited so you will either need to RSVP to myself at or please call 99223345 during business hours. The exact location will be given on conformation.


Hope to see you there,  Save the date – Thursday the 9th of February at 7pm!


Dr NikkiG

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