Pricasso – Profanity or Art?

For those of you who have never met Pricasso or seen him in action, to put it in a nut shell he paints portraits with his penis. It’s Picasso with a twist! Maybe he is being resourceful or he just lost his brushes?


But now the talented artist is coming under fire on the Gold Coast, with members objecting to him showing his works of art at the Gold Coast Sculptor’s Society’s Annual Exotic Erotic Showing on Friday night. I’m trying to work out how his creative works of art do not fit into this category but also if these people have had the pleasure of seeing him in action. At the Brisbane Sexpo just a few months ago my portrait was painted by Pricasso and I was amazed at the talent of his member. Finally, someone has found a real purpose for those things!


Is the disgust coming from the fact that it is his penis he is using? As a Sexologist and analysing everything I come into contact with, I wonder what is so wrong with painting with a penis? We never got an instruction manual with these things (although sometimes I wish we had) so why should we limit the penis to just sex? Is it written in stone that this part of the male body has a limit to what it can be used for?


This is also where negativity around genitals starts and we send out messages that parts of our body that just happened to be also used during sex are wrong and bad.  He is not performing crude sexual acts in public but simply creating amazing art  with his body! Is that so wrong? Would it make a difference if it was with his penis or with his hand? We fear genitals in public and when they are used for anything other than in the bedroom!


These days it’s easier than ever to end up on the sex offenders’ list for urinating in public (which if you haven’t noticed involves a penis coming out to say hi). There needs to be differentiation between nudity and sexuality. The naked body should not always have to be associated with sex (some people have sex with their clothes on too you know). It is natural, normal and a perfect collaboration for art. Let’s focus on something else other than outrage over his penis paintings. Pricasso is a talented artist, one that entertains at the same time as he creates, and that’s all that should matter!

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