Q: Am i wrong to expect sex when i’m pregnant?

A: Many woman throughout the different stages in pregnancy can see an increase in their sexual desire, especially late in the first trimester and in the second. And it gets better. Along with this can come increased vaginal lubrication and a more sensitive clitoris due to an increase in blood flow. This surely is scientific evidence that you should be expecting sex.

Everyone experiences sexual desires differently with pregnancy. Some woman suffer with bad morning sickness, hormones changes and are not comfortable with their bodies. Other don’t have these symptoms and embrace a curvy figure and enlarged breasts.

You might face some difficulties if you have any problems in your pregnancy and if this is the case, always consult with your doctor.

But the problem is if you are enjoying an increase in sexual desire but he is worried about what sex might do to the baby. To put him at ease, let him know the baby is protected by the amniotic fluid in the uterus as well as the strong muscles (and no the baby won’t be able to see his penis either).

Also as you progress through your pregnancy and your body changes, you might need to experiment with different positions that are comfortable.

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