Q: Is it possible to pee during sex?

A: I hear this question all the time and must admit, at one point in my life I wondered this too. I’m sure there are many woman rushing mid sex to the bathroom out of fear of wetting the bed or the thought of that fear stopping them from experiencing pleasure. But lets get some facts straight. You really can’t pee during sex (as long as you are having some good turned on sex). The reason being is that when the female genitals region is stimulated (and I’m talking about your vulva) the blood rushes to the area and it swells. When the vulva region swells up so do the paraurethral ducts that run along side the urethra acting like a clamp and stopping the flow of urine.

Now this doesn’t mean 100% you wont’ pee during sex, but If you have an empty bladder before you have sex, there is a good chance that this urge to pee is either an intense sensation associated with orgasm or female ejaculation or you are In a position where there is pressure on your bladder.

And if you want to test it out, straight after sex or an orgasm, go to the bathroom and try to pee. It should take a bit for the flow to start coming and feel as though for a while it might be trapped. It might take a bit to push through the clamps.

– Dr Nikki G

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