Q: Is monogamy or non monogamy natural?

A: This is one of those questions that we might never have an answer to. Many experts have tried to argue which is natural to the human race, with the arguments staying strong on both sides and still no winner. But there is a simple answer to this. It’s not if monogamy or non monogamy is necessarily natural in general but whether it is natural to you.

Sometimes people use it as an excuse. If it were not natural for humans to be monogamous to each other than it would explain infidelity and those who have open relationships. But is it because it’s natural or not or because it’s what you want?

I believe when it comes to this, we have a choice. We all have urges. I have an urge to each chocolate all the time but it doesn’t mean I’m going too or that it’s good for me. It’s the same when sleeping with multiple people. If you have entered into a monogamous relationship with someone but have urges towards others, should you go there depending on wether it’s natural or not to the human race? Don’t worry about what science says, worry about what you want, the type of life you want to live and the boundaries of the relationships you are in. Like all things in life, love and sex, this really is a matter of being true to yourself, your desires, needs and wants.

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