Restore My Faith In Marriage – I Need Your Love Story!

I have a confession to make, I’m still scared of marriage! I came from a profession where I divorced people for a living, and now I deal with relationship and sexual problems, so can you blame me?


When I was working as a family mediator, I would sit in an office and play witness to people scream and cry at me and each other. I only saw the negative side of relationships, not the positive ones. After a while of seeing this, you start to question and wonder why anyone gets married these days.


I am not in the field where you would normally talk me to when things are all happy and rosy (or maybe you are and are trying to improve on that still). I’m  usually the one you contact when you are looking for advice and when things are not going so well. Sometimes it is just a matter of spicing things up or exploring your relationship and sexuality, but more than often, people share with me their failing relationships, disappointment, dissatisfaction and often infidelities. I do feel privileged that people feel comfortable and safe enough to share these private thoughts with me, but I think I need to also see the other side, just for one week.


I was always a girl who dreamed of a big white wedding. I don’t dream of a big white weeding anymore, now it’s more of a low key cocktail-eaque celebration, but I do hope one day I still get the chance to say a lasting  “I do”.


I am not exactly a commitment-phobe and am quite the traditional woman, believe it or not. And so, I am looking to restore my hope in the concept of “till death do us part”, but I need your help.


To spice things up a bit for me and restore my faith that the walk down the isle can last, I want to hear from you – no! I need to hear from you.  If you have been married for a few years, together for many or just recently made your vows but have a lovely story to share, than I want you to share it with me.  Re-inspire me!


We all go through hard times and most of us know that relationships are not easy, but I want those stories that tell me it is all worth it and turn me back into that 13 year old girl, excited by the thought of prince charming (instead of the cynical Sexologist that I can sometime be).


If I can get five stories that meet my criteria of a good warm and fuzzy feeling, I will publish one each day this week. ( And I’m really hoping I get least 5 so please write in).  I will change names and details if that’s what you wish, but feel free to be as honest as you like. If you want to send in a photo too, I am more than happy to put your face to the story.


For just one week I don’t want to hear what is going wrong in your relationship, I want to hear what is right.  (Don’t worry I will go back to listening to your relationships problems next week, this is just a short phase).


And hey, there is something for you in this too… I want to reward you for your honesty, for the best story I will give away a massage oil, massage candle and personal moisturizer ( a fancy work for lubricant) by luxury adult pleasure brand, Lelo, valued at over $100. This way you will be able to enjoy your fantastic relationship a little bit more.


Make sure you email your stories to with the subject heading “ love story”. The best story will be announced on Monday the 30th of April.


Good luck and happy writing,


Dr Nikki G

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