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I have recently put a shopping cart up on my website as I am often asked what I recommend when it comes to adult pleasure products ( or sex toys as most of you know them). I have attempted to make this as easy and straight forward for you so you are able to get an idea of what the products are all about and what they really do ( or how they are going to get you going). And yes I have all products in the shopping cart in my own bedroom draw. You are not just getting my professional opinion but my personal as well. ( Maybe I should be calling this shopping cart, “my bedroom drawer”).




Each week I will look at profiling a product to help you with your shopping (and orgasmic) needs. Think of this as your own personal sexologist to help you choose the right products for you.


The first product I want to discuss is what I like to call the beginners vibe or the all in one, The Gigi by Lelo. It is that vibe I recommend when asked by girls, ” I have never had an orgasm before and I don’t know which vibe to get?” or “I’ve never had a vibe before and don’t know where to start?”( same same but different).  If you have asked either of these questions then the Gigi is for you. ( And I really love the name, Gigi – if your name is Gigi then this is also the vibe for you).



The best part of this product is that is can be a g-spot stimulator or a clitoral stimulator. If a women has never had an oragsm before than one of the problems with purchasing a vibrating friend is what purpose are you getting it for and what area are you wanting to simulate ( yes there is more than one).


The flat surface with the slight tilt upwards allows for direct stimulation to the g-spot internally ( when looking for a g-spot stimulator, you need something that curves up to directly hit the g-spot – it’s on the roof of the vaginal wall). The flat surface also allows for direct simulation for the clitoris . The large circumferences of the head helps you find the clitoris if you have just recently got acquitted with it and might not be an expert yet in finding your way back or just genre all get a bit lost. This is not the world largest phallic vibrator so hopeful it won’t freak him out in the bedroom ( or challenge his ego) and you will be able to use it with him as well.( Not that’s he’s not enough but sometimes we want a little extra hand between the sheets).



And because this is the vibe with many benefits, not only is it great for beinginers, for those who are pre organismic ( never had n orgasm before)  or might have trouble finding their little pleasure button, but also for those who are able to have orgasms, clitoral and vaginal (lucky them). This is not just for those who are new to the world of vibrating pleasure but a great all in one product, yes there is one that can do it all ( but sorry they have not worked out how to get a vibrator to snuggle with you – yes we still do need men!).


I personally like this one as it is easy to use, effective with it’s Lelo multi speed technology and doesn’t look like something out of a torture chamber like some adult products.  It’s is often the first one I recommend and one of the first ones I give as a gift. ( Those who have received a Gii from me, feel free to leave a comment, lol).


And because I want you to be clean and safe,  All orders of the Lelo Gigi  this week will receive a free Lelo Toy Cleaner valued at $10.90 and Lelo Personal Moisturiser valued at $14.95 (which doubles up as a moisturiser for you intimate areas or also for a bit of lubrication during something more).  Because this is a silicone product,(which is safer for you to use instead of some cheaper plastic which contain chemicals), you need to be careful not to use silicone lubricants with this product as it can destroy the vibe (oh no!). The Lelo lubricant is safe to use with all silicone products and the toy cleaner will help you keep it nice and clean. This offer is only available for the next week and will end ne






For more information on this products you can check it out on my shopping cart and if you have any questions you can also email me on






Happy Shopping,


Dr Nikki


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