Review: Tease & Please Pleasure Pack From We-Vibe And Womanizer

Gone are the days where a sex toys was just a pink bunny looking thing with fake pearls inside that rotated in ways I’m not sure are even necessary. With advances in technology, the adult pleasure industry has also benefited from this too. But just with other technological advances in our lives, sex toys can also become confusing. It’s no longer just an on/off button and placing it inside, which is why reviews like this are important. You need to know what to do with the product instead of staring at it blankly wondering what body part it fits into.

This time, I want to explore for you the Tease and Please Pleasure Pack which consists of two products so you will have all your basis covered –  the Womanizer Premium and the We-vibe Sync.

So, let’s start with the We-vibe Sync, the c-shaped looking object that you might have heard referred to as a couples toy. For many heterosexual couples, a woman experiences an orgasm from external stimulation of the clitoris, which is often not directly stimulated during penetration, a common way many heterosexual couples have sex. So, what do we do about it? Well someone found a way to have a clitoral stimulator that can be worn during penetration sex and continued to improve the technology as the years went on. With the We-vibe Sync there are two arms, a thicker one and a thinner one. The thinner one is what is inserted with the thicker one sitting on the outer region of a vulva over the clitoral area. The idea is that this product stimulates both the clitoris and the g-zone at the same time and can be worn during penetration sex. Just ensure that you go slow and use a water-based lubricant. You might also find different positions work better than others with keeping it in place and putting pressure on the right areas, but I’m sure you can have find discovering which work best for you.  You can also use this for solo play but, it’s complexly up to you. It also has bendable arms to fit in with the unique shape of your body (yes we are all different) but be careful not to bend the arms backwards rather hold one and pull the other arms in a downwards motion to move it. You can also control the product via an app which can be used from the other side of the world (for those who spend a bit of time apart).

But there might be times when all you want is external stimulation. Enter the Womanizer Premium. This new technology in a nutshell is like a suction with a light vibration that stimulates the area around the clitoris. The fancy word for this is pleasure air technology which is stimulation through gentle pulsing air waves.  There are around 8,000 nerve endings on the clitoral bulb (the area you can see with the human eye) so for some, direct stimulation can feel overwhelming and very sensitive. This is where a suction and light vibration around the clitoral bulb can be a perfect fit. Some also describe the orgasm from this as deeper and also easier for those who struggle to experience an orgasm. The best way to test this product out is to hold your finger over the circle at the end to experience how the suction feels. It comes with two different heads and you might need to play around a bit to see which ones feels best for you and the right fit. You might want to use only a tiny but of water-based lube but it is also not necessary with this product as you are not inserted it or sliding it around, it simply sits on top of the clitoral bulb you can move the pressure of the head around for different sensations. Too much moisture might actually make it harder to use and slip from the areas where you need it to suck on the most.

The Premium also has two new functions. Smart silence and autopilot. With smart silence, if you are not pressing the product up against your skin it turns off. To start it going again you simple put it back onto the desired area and press against your skin again. So, when you are not using it, it also takes a break. For some, when they do experience an orgasm, this function is ideal as they don’t want to fiddle around with running off a product and this does it for you so you can relax in the sensations that have just been experienced. You also might be the person who wants to be kept on their toes and not know what level of stimulation will be received. Enter autopilot. There are three ranges, soft, medium and intensive. On these three modes, you can experience a range of intensities but will not know what’s coming next (or maybe you will cum next). It’s stylish, luxe and discrete whilst also being waterproof, what more can you want?

There is a sex toy for everyone and I’ll never know which one is exactly the right one for you. But I can help you decide by showing you what they are all about.

If you would like you see more about the Tease & Please Pack, make sure you watch my video and you can also purchase them at Dr Nikki Shop.

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