Scientist Finds G-Spot (Can I Say, I Told You So?)

I was quite sure that the debate over the existence of the G-spot had been won. Probably from a more hands on experience though. I’m not sure about you, but I have been finding my G-spot (and enjoying it) for many years now. I was surprised to see the title of an article, “ Scientist finds G-spot. Then cuts it out and dissects it for the world to see.” My first thought was, well duh it exists and my second one was, “ I can’t wait to see that youtube video” (and my third was, what the hell did they do with the thing afterwards?).


The first person to declare the G-spot’s existence was of course Ernest Grafenberg, the man who it is named after. I only hope there is a sexual part of the body named after me one day – the N spot?


What makes me furious is that until late 2010, scientists were still denying the G-spot was real, claiming it was just a figment of women’s imagination. I would think that these particular scientists were either gay men or just very bad in bed and that women must have had very very good immigrations.



This battle has been going on for years! Does the G-spot actually exist? (Apparently stimulating this area and giving a female an orgasm was not enough proof).



But it only took till the year 2012 for someone named Dr Adam Ostrzenski, from the Institute of Gynaecology in St Petersburg Florida, to give us physical evidence. Apart from women having G-spot orgasms for years. ( I would have thought there was plenty of evidence there).


The next part is why I would never donate my body to science. Our darling Dr Ostrzenski decided to remove the G-spot from an 83 year old corpse for the world to see. Since  he has found it, I wonder if he knows what to do with it? It’s one thing to know where it is, it’s another thing to know how it works. (Might need a few live bodies for that experiment).


Dr Ostrzenski published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine (remind me to send my subscription off tonight) that,“The G-spot was identified as  a sac with walls that grossly resembled the fibroconnective tissues, was easy to observe, and was a well delineated structure”. This is the problem I have with the occasional over medical aspect of sexuality and our bodies. It is all fine and dandy and a final win for the G-spot, but does this piece of information improve our sex lives in anyway or just tells us what most of us have always thought, believed and experienced – all women have one!


Dr Ostrzenski also claims, “ the exercise was important because knowing the anatomic existence of the G-spot may lead to a better understanding and improvement of female sexual function.” He also states, “denial of it’s existence had led to a monolithic clitoral mode of female sexual response”. This is where I get confused. I’m not sure about the rest of you out there, but I get the feeling that we live in a world that is too focused on penetration and G-spot orgasms and not enough on clitoral stimulation. We could have Freud to thank for that, who maintained that clitoral organs were immature and vaginal were mature. Does this mean that this study is pushing us back one step into penetration mode? The most important fact here is that as many as 80% of women have clitoral orgasms, so I don’t entirely have a problem with a “monolithic clitoral mode of female sexual response” (well at least for 80% of us).


Now for it’s description or supposedly what they found. It is between 5cm and 8cm inside the front wall and can be anywhere between 3 to 15 mm behind that wall. (This is why a strong vibrator comes in handy). It is shaped sort of like a little teardrop-shaped bag and has a head roughly 3.5mm across, middle roughly 3 mm across and a 1.5mm tail.  (If you have a boyfriend that is good with maps and directions and can’t find your G-spot, I suggest you cut this out, laminate it and give it to him to put in his wallet, and make sure you include the image above).


One last thought, I want to know what encourages a male scientist to conduct an experiment to confirm the existence of the G-spot? Did he not know where it was himself? ( Could he not get a live female to find it on) and why did he have to cut it out exactly? A photo would have been fine, (since there is a real lack on google).


So next time you open a bottle of champagne in celebration, take a moment to toast the final piece of the puzzle, to the disappearing and reappearing scientific evidence of the G-spot (or now missing piece of the puzzle for one poor corpse).  Stay tuneded and warning,  I am going to make it my mission to find that video and post it!


Happy G- (stop finding!)


Dr Nikk G




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