Secret Women's Business At The Ivy

It seems female sexual empowerment is on the rise at the moment. First there was 50 Shades of Grey and now Hysteria, a movie about the birth of the vibrator!


So to celebrate I think It’s time for another event! It seems you frisky ladies out there can’t get enough information when it comes to love, sex, relationships and the accessories you might use to enhance these. Yes I’m talking about Adult Pleasure Products ( or what some of you like to call sex toys). It is one of those things I am passionate about. I want people to begin seeing these instruments of pleasure as something normal, average and a tool we should all have and have the privilege of using.


Gone are the days where these products were only sold in seedy shops and red light districts and welcome  the era where we can talk openly and freely about these products ( and yes have them there as well) at a beautiful venue like the Den at the Ivy.



Have you ever wondered what these products do, what is the latest technology on the market and how to introduce them into the bedroom ( and maybe your partner), well this is an event for you.



Join myself and and my special guests, The Reality Chicks and the General Manager of Lelo Oceania (the most luxurious adult product brand) for a buzzy girl’s night out. Get involved in our panel discussion about the history of these vibrating friends and where the latest technology is leading us (and helping us).  Get the answers to the most commonly asked questions by women and also get the chance to ask ANYTHING you wish! ( and I mean anything).


Sip a complimentary glass of bubbles on arrival and browse the hottest new adult pleasure products on the market. All guest take home a goodie bag and a 2-4-1 pass to the new movie Hysteria. You will also receive a discount on all products for sale on the night and have  a chance to win a lucky door prize that you’ll never forget.


For more information you can visit



This is a free event and I would love to see you all there. Please RSVP to


Happy Buzzing,


Dr Nikki

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