Sex – the key to success?

If you were asked what the tools to success are would you say sex? Most people would not, but I along with Joanna Coles, editor of US Cosmo would disagree.


I became a Sexologist because I truly believe when we are balanced with our sexuality, comfortable with who we are and also having a satisfactory amount of it, we are happy and in a better mind set to do the other things in life. Maybe more workplaces should be educating their staff on how to have a better sex life in order to improve productivity.


Joanna Coles recently spoke at the Huffington Posts first ever women’s conference, “The Third Metric: Redefining Success Beyond Money & Power.” And stated during the panel that,” I actually think a good sex life helps in all this,”



Coles suggest the importance of sex in managing a frenetic life. But how does this exactly work?  She states that, “ We know from the simple point of releasing oxytocin, you enjoy life more if you have a good sex life. You have to make time to do that, crazy as it sounds.”


It is no secret that sex can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, assist with releasing the relevant sex hormones and the health and mood benefits that come with it, but tell that to a busy women who is asleep before her head hits the pillow at night.


It is important that we share this message with people who might not know it, but unfortunately this is only one step of the process. Assisting busy people to come up with creative time saving strategies in the bedroom, getting in the mood and prioritizing their sex life is another. Maybe corporates do need to start sex seminars for their staff after all.


Happy Sex Education Seminars In the Corporate World ( hint hint)




Dr Nikki

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