Sex Toy 101 For Guys: What Should You Be Bringing Into The Bedroom



Our resident sex guru Nikki Goldstein gets her mitts around the sex toys you should be giving a go in the bedroom.

Don’t be scared of things that go buzz in the night. The sex toy has often been something feared by some men. In fact, many believe that by endorsing or encouraging their use, they are in some way being replaced by a better, bigger, more knowing model.

But from my experience, and through talking to hundreds of men and women, it is my belief that ladies do not prefer their vibrators over men (breathe a sigh of relief) and that in disregarding this piece of machinery you’re missing out on having better sex in the immediate instance and a more varied sex life in the long run.

Think of sex toys as an enhancement to your existing enjoyable experiences, the icing on the cake if you will. And why not get more bang for your buck? (or buck for your bang).

But before you attempt to lure out your inner Christian Grey by jumping online and putting in a bulk order for whips and chains, let us start at the beginning with a few basics you might want to master first.

Erosense aqua water-based lubricant by On by Sensuva


Lubrication is not something you need because you’re not turning her on enough, it’s something that is just needed in some instances. The right lubrication will allow things to run more smoothly between you and your partner (excuse the pun), and possibly longer and with increased sensation.

With one drop upon the tip lube can help increase pleasure for both parties involved and decrease the chance of breakage when using condoms (just make sure you use the right lube with the right condom).

*Top tip: Read the packet for instructions. That is why they are there.

You can also vary the type of pleasure you experience by experimenting with different types of lube. For example, try lube varieties which warm and other which cool. You can even incorporate certain brands into an erotic massage which aid your hand in being able to glide smoothly over any body part. Friction is never your friend in the bedroom.

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Tango bullet

A clitoral vibe

Penetration might be the aim of the game for most, but as many as 80% of woman achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. That’s a figure you can’t smirk at. For those still grasping the areas of a woman’s sexual anatomy, the clitoris is not inside the vagina canal and it does require some more external stimulation on your part to achieve the desired result.

To aid you in this endeavour, try something small and discrete that can fit inside the palm of your hand that you can incorporate during penis/vagina sex. Position yourself from behind where you can wrap your arm in front of her and use the toy to help stimulate whilst you penetrate.

You might not be able to give her an orgasm through penetration but with the right touch you can give her a clitoral orgasm.

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TANO™ 2 Plug Vibe

Anal Toys

Thanks to the willingness of porn stars who now so effortlessly demonstrate how all woman love to engage in anal play (insert a hint of sarcasm here) it seems to be a common request among couples – and even casual acquaintances. Many boys and girls (or boys and boys) enjoy anal play, whilst others are put off by the prospect of an awkward sensation.

To help your partner get comfortable try a small anal toy at first. Just remember that anything inserted into the anus needs to have a handle or a flared bottom to ensure you don’t end up with an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

And if you really want to help put them at ease, why not lead the way.

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