Shit People Say To Sexologists

Being a Sexologist is not the easiest job sometimes. It is not a common profession and not one presented to you at high school as a possible career. So telling people what I do for a living comes with some interesting thoughts, beliefs and questions by others. People think you are a prostitute, think you must have a lot of sex, think that you got into this profession because you liked sex so much, wonder what your family thinks, ask you questions and confess their inner most sexual thoughts and experiences ( that one I love!).


As it is not a profession well understood, it really is a matter of one’s own personal belifes and sometimes lack of information on the subject that shine through in their questions and statements. I enourage the quetsions, I even enoaurveg the statments and confessions, as long as their are respestufl of my job and why I chose to do it. And at the end of the day, if you are unsure, don’t just assume, ask! ( and keep the confessions coming).


So a fellow Sexologist posted this video and I thought it was just too perfect not to share. So here is some of the shit people say to Sexologists.


Happy Watching,


Dr NikkiG



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