Shopping Diet #1 – F*ck Sales

I, like most women love a good bargain. When I purchase something that is 70% off, I feel as though I’m saving myself money because of course I will need that thing one day. Or I am persuaded into buying something that I probably don’t need but my reasoning is it’s on sale, why not.” I would love to calculate the money I have spent on those moments where something was purchased because it was cheap. Put a few of those together and…

My confessions: I seriously love a bargain. It’s nearly like a game to me. Do you know how hard it is for someone who loves a bargain to walk near shops all with signs saying sale or even worse as in the case of Myer, an additional 25% off the markdown price? ( good one Myer). It’s torture. It’s like someone waving a chocolate bar in your face! F*ck the sales! Now that I think about it, did I ever save money (well maybe on things like sheets and towels that I needed) or was I just persuaded to purchase things because it made me feel that I was saving money? It’s not as though I’m having this revelation for the first time in my life, but I am thinking about it more.

Things have been hectic for me, as I was getting ready to go to the US. I stuck to my shopping plan and went to the shops only to purchase work things (all electronic stuff for an iPhone and camera). Normally when I got to Bondi Junction with a list of things I need to do, I end up getting distracted, looking through shops, being distracted by those sale signs and end up getting extremely anxious because I’m running out of time and haven’t got what I needed. This has happened more times than I can remember and probably contributes to my anger towards Bondi Junction. I feel as though that place traps me. Maybe the place doesn’t trap me, maybe it’s me just getting distracted and wasting way too much time. On this occasion, I got everything done, had the time to not rush whilst doing it and didn’t have the same anxiety and stress associated with being in the junction. Maybe this shopping diet is doing more for my overall emotional moods than what I first thought.

My next confession, whilst packing my bags for the US, I noticed that 5 items of the things I was taking away with me still had their tags on it, never being worn before. I’m not sure if this is still a good thing or not. It was like shopping in my own wardrobe. I loathe having to find things in the shops when there is an occasion, so I like to shop ahead. But maybe I have too many of these tagged items hanging up on the racks.

So one week in, I’ve still kept to the rules and actually feeling better about my decision for a shopping diet. I have walked around the Casinos in Vegas and not purchased a thing. Instead I decided I would see a show and have an experience instead of another material thing I probably don’t need.

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