Should I stop flying airlines who don’t support marriage equality?

Recently Margaret Court said she would stop flying on Qantas due to it’s support of marriage equality.

Everyone has a choice and has the right to make a choice, but this is not a choice, this is using her status and the media to bully an airline based on her own opinion. So what if one person does not want to fly Qantas. I’m sure Qantas doesn’t mind, there are plenty of people who still do. Shouldn’t we be basing our decisions of who to fly with based on performance and service not, political views?

I know people who don’t support various brands and businesses for various reasons. I also know people who don’t exactly support marriage equality and that is their choice, but they don’t try and enforce others to think the same. But why dose Margaret have to come out with this in the West Australian Newspaper? It’s fine for her to make her choice, but why should she try and make that choice for others which is probably what she is trying to do by making a public statement like this.

Whilst I am a supporter of marriage equality (and don’t really understand someone who is not) what makes me more angry than the fact that we are still a country without this right, is the people who protest against it. We saw recently a man attack Alan Joyce with a pie over the same issue. How is a pie going to stop same sex couples from marrying? And who someone decides to marry shouldn’t be anyone else’s business. Two men marrying or two woman marrying does not take away from a man and a woman marrying and if someone truly believes that then they better have a closer look at their own marriage.

And where is it going to stop for Margaret? I hope she doesn’t have a hairdresser, a doctor or anyone who serves her in a supermarket or shop who also believes in marriage equality. Will she go around asking all the people in her life on their politics views too?

Make your choice, have an opinion but don’t use that opinion to try and attack everyone else. We are not discussing animal cruelty here, we are talking about two people who want to marry and a country that should have the same rights for all. Why is that so offensive? Why does that deserve a pie in the face?

I only hope that Qantas show Margaret Court the same respect she has shown them (which I believe has already started). And I hope she enjoys only flying Tiger around Australia from now on. I’m quite sure they are the only local airline that has not show support.

Karma maybe?

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