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Would you consider dating a Mum or Dad?

Dating a Mum and Dad’s with kids can have its issues, but it can also be such a fulfilling and rewarding relationship to be in. I recently appeared in a TV segment on The House Of Wellness talking about this…

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It’s totally normal to hate your partner during and after pregnancy, expert reveals

It seems not a girly catch-up goes by with our friends where we don’t whinge about how annoying our partners are. The coffee (or if you’re lucky enough, wine) dates usually go like this: Me: How has your week been? Friend: Work…

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I received an email last week before my radio segment asking if I could talk about a Throuple. No it’s not an STI, but a term used to describe a relationship between three people, or in the context that we…

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Did You Forget About Valentine's Day?

This article was inspired by my local deli. Apparently last year on Valentine’s Day, a man stormed in and asked for a chocolate decoration that had been hanging up in the shop for weeks to be cut down so he…

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