International Clitoris Awareness Week

I can’t belie I nearly missed this one. (Well some men have been missing it for years). May 6 – 12th is the first ever International Clitoris Awareness Week, an entire week to celebrate one of my favourite body parts. And don’t you think it’s not just good but great timing that it falls in Masturbation Month? ( And actually also over Mother’s Day – for those husbands who might have forgotten or dipped out in the present department).   But just like with Masturbation Month, CAW also has a more serious side (than reminding men we actually have one). The organisation behind this is Clitoraid, a Las Vegas based group usually devoted to helping victims of female genital mutilation. However, even though this organisation is somewhat serious, for one week they have decided to take a more fun and laid back approach to gain a bit of attention around…

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Review –  Gigi By Lelo

I have recently put a shopping cart up on my website as I am often asked what I recommend when it comes to adult pleasure products ( or sex toys as most of you know them). I have attempted to make this as easy and straight forward for you so you are able to get an idea of what the products are all about and what they really do ( or how they are going to get you going). And yes I have all products in the shopping cart in my own bedroom draw. You are not just getting my professional opinion but my personal as well. ( Maybe I should be calling this shopping cart, “my bedroom drawer”).       Each week I will look at profiling a product to help you with your shopping (and orgasmic) needs. Think of this as your own personal sexologist to help…

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History Of Hysteria And Vibrators

In preparation for our Secret Women’s Event at the Ivy last the other week, I had the pleasure of doing some research by seeing a sneak preview of the movie Hysteria. Cleaning out a pile of papers I found some information that was given to me on the night that I thought I should share it. Consider yourself lucky that these days technology is on our side, assisting us with all of our sexual needs.But lets take a look where we have come!   The Vibrator Timeline   4th Century BC: The idea that a ” wandering uterus” ( literally hysteria) can cause strange symptoms, from amnesia to sleepwalking to madness. ( I would be mad if I was experiencing a life without sexual pleasure).   2nd Century A.D: The early Greek Physician Galen concludes that hysteria’s cause is sexual deprivation. The treatment he recommends is marriage. ( He must…

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You Clitoris Will Always Be There

If you have had the privilege of seeing my talk, ” how to make your vulva happy”, you will be well aware of my rant about naming female’s sexual anatomy a vulva and not a vagina. With as many as 80% of women achieving an orgasm through clitoral stimulation, why is it that we still leave  out this important piece of the puzzle in our terminology?  Maybe it is a lack of education ( hint hint, and a great chance to plug my talks at the upcoming Brisbane Sexpo in August) and maybe this is why we are living in such a penetration focused society.   Maybe this is why there is such a high level of dissatisfaction when it comes to sex for men and women. Yes, the lack of clitoral awareness can impact on men too. Many men enjoy when their partner is in pleasure, so if there…

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