Scientist Finds G-Spot (Can I Say, I Told You So?)

I was quite sure that the debate over the existence of the G-spot had been won. Probably from a more hands on experience though. I’m not sure about you, but I have been finding my G-spot (and enjoying it) for many years now. I was surprised to see the title of an article, “ Scientist finds G-spot. Then cuts it out and dissects it for the world to see.” My first thought was, well duh it exists and my second one was, “ I can’t wait to see that youtube video” (and my third was, what the hell did they do with the thing afterwards?).   The first person to declare the G-spot’s existence was of course Ernest Grafenberg, the man who it is named after. I only hope there is a sexual part of the body named after me one day – the N spot?   What makes me…

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How Good Are Your Orgasms?

We live in a society where we are constantly trying to improve our sex lives, we want more, we want it longer, harder, faster, softer, more adventurous or more spontaneous or just all the time. It seems we get fed messages when it comes to our skills in the sack, we could do better! But how do we define “good sex”? Is it the length it goes for, how many orgasms you have or if you have any orgasm at all.   So when it also comes to orgasms, how can we tell if one is better than the other? I was reading a book, which gave descriptions from some people about their orgasms. Some I identified with, some I did not. On later research I discovered that there was not just one type of orgasm but many: mini orgasms, maxi orgasms, quickie orgasms, explosive orgasms, multiple orgasms, dry, non-ejaculatory…

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Why Do Pigs Have All The Fun?

I read a lot on holidays and sitting in Thailand reading yet another sex book, I come across the sentence ” lucky pigs, the clitoris is inside the vagina”. I’m not reading a book on bestiality, don’t worry. It’s a chapter in a book looking at if orgasm boosts fertility and for some reason the author has taken this question to pig farms in Denmark. Interestingly enough, Denmark’s National Committee for Pig Production showed that sexually stimulating a sow during artificial insemination leads to a 6% improvement in fertility. That’s a rather interesting fact and poor pig farmers but I’m more fascinated and somewhat jealous that that there is an animal with a clitoris placed where it should be!   If the clitoris in human females was inside the vagina the world would be a better place! Sex would be more enjoyable and empowering for women and in turn better…

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