Are you dating a guy from Bachelor In Paradise?

My latest obsession is Bachelor in Paradise. It’s like watching real life Tinder play out with the backdrop of Fiji. But besides the drama, chaos, love triangles, squares and every other shape, it’s the representations of men that has me intrigued. Glued this week, I realised there are three main types of men represented on this show. And I’ve dated them all! The Bills, Jules and Ivans of this world. But for the poor girls in paradise, being maybe a bit younger and naïve, they might not be able to see what I see (and what I have learnt). But that doesn’t stop me from sharing it with the rest of you.  (Please note, this is not meant to be disrespectful towards these men, but this is more about how to navigated the obstacles when dating them). Lets start with Bill… If you have not been watching, Bill is the…

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Facebook Dating

Let’s be honest, we have all used Facebook as a dating site. Maybe not directly but we have added someone we had a crush on, sent someone a message we were keen on and liked a photo to remind them we were there. So why not just turn it into one?   Well a new website is promoting casual sex between Facebook friends and redefining sexual relationships.  Bang With Friends (which sounds self explanatory) allows you select the Facebook friends you’d like to have sex with. If the feeling is mutual, both parties receive an email message to establish a get together (or bang). And just when we thought the judgemental aspects of Facebook were safe in our private thoughts, Bang With Friends has a “bangability” score which measures your trending sexiness based on the number of people who view and click on you.   Is this taking Facebook down…

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