What Are The Measures Of A Relationship?

It seems most of us want to have a healthy or successful relationship. But what does that mean? Is it being together for a certain period of time? Is it having sex a certain amount per week? Or not having arguments?  What really is the right measures of relationships.  

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The Barriers To Forming A Connection

Working on my new podcast “The Connection”, I was able to gain access into the lives of my daters and insight into the issues that they faced. Putting this podcast together, we had a plan and an idea of where we were going, but our daters also lead us there. The biggest light bulb moment was realising that the most common struggle with dating really was how to form a connection and that everyone has their own stuff that could get in the way. This wasn’t about pick-up lines, playing games or timing the hours until you text that person back. I got to know my daters and they were all great people with lots to give but they were just not always able to show what I saw to someone else. This was not about traditional therapy and digging deep into their inner souls and past. This was about…

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How To Date During A Pandemic

Just as I’m about to launch some exciting little projects to do with dating, dating went and changed. It’s no longer single but dating, it’s single but isolated. But with all the changes, it just takes a little while to get used to things. This change in the dating landscape is not a permanent one but it could be the way of life for a while. There are many opportunities to explore connections through online forms and even work more on yourself during this time, but in order to date during a pandemic, it’s just a matter of being creative. So, I thought I might give you a few ideas. The biggest asset we have right now is video platforms, where we can see each other clearly as though we were sitting across the table, but it’s how we use these that make a difference. If you haven’t met someone…

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Warning… Valentine’s Day Is Ahead

It might sound odd that someone who is a relationship expert would be warning you about this day. Aren’t I supposed to be embracing all things love? Well yes, but also this day for me doesn’t always feel like that’s what we are doing anymore. It’s just a boasting competition online. This day is an amplification of what we are generally doing online these days when it comes to relationships… posting images which project often a false idea of what a relationship is whilst either staging certain elements or using mushy language and tags. Whilst this just might sound superficial, it has the potential to be a whole lot worse. Have you ever viewed these posts and wondered why your relationships doesn’t seem as blissful as others online? Have you ever received a gift or romantic gesture from someone, at first thinking it was sweet and thoughtful only to later…

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