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Dr Nikki Quoted in an article for Elite Daily on Signs your relationships won’t last

5 Warning Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Going To Be Long Term   I have no idea when a relationship is going to last long term because I have not really had a long-term relationship. Why? Because I’ve pretty much ruined them all with my bad relationship behaviors. I’ve over-texted, and I’ve also played too hard to get. I’ve been emotionally manipulative, and I’ve been withdrawn. I’ve cheated, and I’ve been cheated on. I jump into relationships as quickly as I jump out of them. I also once hooked up with my boyfriend’s younger brother after too many drinks, which, although not on this list, is definitely a sign that your relationship with your partner is not going to last long term. I reached out to Dr. Nikki Goldstein, a sexologist, dating expert, and author of Single but Dating, to ask about the five signs that truly signal your relationship is not…

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