Drs.Chuck & Jo-Ann Bird


Adult Sex Ed Month

Well May was Masturbation Month but June also brings something with it besides winter. It’s Adult Sex Ed Month!  (Suggestion from the Sexologist: why not incorporate this into some new fantasies and “teach” each other a new thing or two in the bedroom).   There is a lot of misinformation out there and a lack of  information on much needed topics which is my reason to take part in Adult Sex Ed Month! I will never admit I know everything (human sexuality is an endless topic) and I will never admit to always being right ( we all have a different opinion and multiple opinions are needed to raise the important topics) so I love the idea of multiple websites coming together and making their information easily accessible under one hashtag #AdultSexEdMonth     I believe that education is the key to so many sexual issues. We can’t fight the…

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