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15 Women on The Times They Were Slut-Shamed

So many women are slut-shamed. Even women who aren’t sexually active or sexually promiscuous in any way experience slut-shaming. “Slut shaming is so prevalent because it always has been,” sexologist and author of Single But Dating, Dr. Nikki Goldstein, tells Bustle. “For…

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Scientist Finds G-Spot (Can I Say, I Told You So?)

I was quite sure that the debate over the existence of the G-spot had been won. Probably from a more hands on experience though. I’m not sure about you, but I have been finding my G-spot (and enjoying it) for…

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Female Ejaculation

It’s very rare that I find videos or youtube clips that I feel have some accurate and useful information about sex. However when I do, I feel that I need to share these with you. Let’s face it, some times…

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Why Do Pigs Have All The Fun?

I read a lot on holidays and sitting in Thailand reading yet another sex book, I come across the sentence ” lucky pigs, the clitoris is inside the vagina”. I’m not reading a book on bestiality, don’t worry. It’s a…

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