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Dating and Money – Who should pay?

Dating and money is one of those awkward situations we don’t seem to be able to get the handle of. It can also be a deal breaker if someone doesn’t at least offer or if going dutch is insisted upon? In the past, when woman were chosen to be dated, didn’t have jobs or independence, a man paid and that was that. There was no going back and forth with the bill and there was no bill debate.  But now in the age of feminism, jobs and choices, what should be the norm? I’m a somewhat old fashioned type of girl, but also an open-minded Sexologist, so I’m not going to just say a man should pay. Instead let’s try look at why a woman shouldn’t? That’s when the debate starts to get interesting because I can’t think of one reason why we can’t. It also doesn’t feel good enough…

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This Is When You Should Start Having Sex With The Person You’re Dating

I never know when to have sex with the person I’m going out with. Well, obviously, I should have sex whenever I want to. Two (or three or four or five) consenting adults should have sex whenever they would like. But there are all these rules that confuse me. Don’t have sex on the first date, because no one will buy the cow if they can get the milk for free (women are cows, apparently). Wait until the third date — yeah, the third date is definitely the right time to have sex! Actually, wait until you’re monogamous. Wait, no,  just wait until you’re married! To settle the question once and for all (although, is there any one-size-fits-all answer, really?), I asked Dr. Nikki Goldstein, expert sexologist and author of Single But Dating: A Field Guide to Dating in the Digital Age, about when you should start having sex with…

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Facebook Dating

Let’s be honest, we have all used Facebook as a dating site. Maybe not directly but we have added someone we had a crush on, sent someone a message we were keen on and liked a photo to remind them we were there. So why not just turn it into one?   Well a new website is promoting casual sex between Facebook friends and redefining sexual relationships.  Bang With Friends (which sounds self explanatory) allows you select the Facebook friends you’d like to have sex with. If the feeling is mutual, both parties receive an email message to establish a get together (or bang). And just when we thought the judgemental aspects of Facebook were safe in our private thoughts, Bang With Friends has a “bangability” score which measures your trending sexiness based on the number of people who view and click on you.   Is this taking Facebook down…

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