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Ask Dr Nikki – Trouble Having Orgasms

Dear Dr Nikki, What’s your advice for women having trouble coming to an orgasm? Is it necessary for their male counterpart to be huge in size? Are there multiple ways a girl can orgasm if having trouble achieving with straight…

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Six Ways you can Spice up your Sex Life in 2018, revealed by a Sexologist

With 2018 on the horizon, many are taking stock and planning lifestyle changes for the New Year. And although it may not receive a mention around the family dinner table, spicing things up in the bedroom is set to make…

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International Kissing Day

Today is International Kissing Day! It was originally something that began in the UK but has now been adopted worldwide.   The idea behind this special day is not to  go around kissing everyone in sight ( whoops), but to…

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He Has A Big Penis, I Have A Small Vagina

I came across this video and thought there were some great tips here. There are a lot of important issues raised here too. This is one of those things that everyone should watch. Something to keep you amused this lazy…

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