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Strong and confident women get harassed too

Taylor Swift just won a court case against a DJ for groping her. She sued him for a symbolic $1 to show girls that they can stand up for themselves and it makes me feel regretful that a few years…

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15 Women on The Times They Were Slut-Shamed

So many women are slut-shamed. Even women who aren’t sexually active or sexually promiscuous in any way experience slut-shaming. “Slut shaming is so prevalent because it always has been,” sexologist and author of Single But Dating, Dr. Nikki Goldstein, tells Bustle. “For…

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Iceland – Anti Porn But Pro Vibrators

Have you ever thought about moving to Iceland? Well think again. A new moderate-right government is being pressured to block online pornography as part of an ongoing cultural debate over free speech and gender equality. (I can imagine the local…

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