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Porn Education In Schools?

One of the most common questions I get asked as a Sexologist is, when should I be talking to my kids about sex? My answer – now and it’s still probably too late.  Say this to a parent of a…

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How To Check Your Vagina And Vulva

I’m going to be straight up and warn you there is nudity in this clip and lots of it. This clip also shows a real every day vulva and one that does not belong to a porn star.  In the…

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Dying Your Labia

It seems to be  “ things you can do to your vulva week”,  on my blog, so why not keep with the theme and tell you about something else I found you can do to your vulva? Labia dye! This…

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The Vagina Spa

  A beauty day with the girls just got a whole lot more interesting. Where we once booked in for facials, manis, pedis and body scrubs, we can now extend the list of beauty treatments available. Welcome to the vagina…

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Pricasso – Profanity or Art?

For those of you who have never met Pricasso or seen him in action, to put it in a nut shell he paints portraits with his penis. It’s Picasso with a twist! Maybe he is being resourceful or he just…

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