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Sexy Seniors – The Key to a Happy Life

We are a society that is overly focused with being sexy. You don’t just have to be attractive and smart these days but sexy too. Even a nail colour or an inanimate object can be sexy. So then isn’t it ironic that as we age, the word sexy seems to be the one thing that is not used. Getting older is about being cute, wise and elegant, but unless you are Jane Fonda, being sexually attractive is not often a label used. But this issue has more importance and depth than just losing the label of sexy. As we age, sex is more important. Sex isn’t about just making babies and trying to prolong the honeymoon phase. A lot to do with how we see being sexy in an older generation has much to do with how we see sex in general. It’s not all about penetration, procreation and physical…

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What is good sex and why are so many of us getting it wrong?

I can’t simply explain what it means to have good sex, but I can hazard a guess as to why so many of us are getting it wrong. When it comes to what we “should” do in the bedroom, there are so many mixed messages. Porn tells us we should groan and moan and be rather aggressive, some magazines tell us we need to be having multiple orgasms, while some might want us to believe that a longer, harder erection is the key. We all have a goal when it comes to sex, but even having a goal might be distracting us from what’s going on and the pleasures we might otherwise enjoy. When touched sexually, our bodies will naturally respond, but if our minds are so busy worrying about where the bedroom experience is going, the pleasure pathways from our bodies to our minds might be so distracted that they can’t…

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The Best Sex I Ever Had

I was contacted by Cleo Magazine recently and asked to do something I had never done before, write a short piece about the best sex I ever had.   Now I do tend to sometimes draw from personal experience when it comes to giving advice, but I’m always careful as to how much personal detail I include.  There is a thought amongst some of my mentors that as Sexologists, it’s it not our job to let you know what happens in our own lives, but give you the information and data needed. I do disagree with this and believe it’s important for us to show you we are  people too, so maybe it was about time for me to take it a step further in print.  But I did hesitate for a moment.   Once I got over the hurdle of expressing my personal sex life in a national magazine,…

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