Australian Media Confused About Sex

I’m not sure if it’s the rhinestones or the abundance of fab gay men, but I am looking forward to seeing behind the candelabra, the Scott Soderbergh film about Liberace, which was rejected by US studios for being “too gay” and now can be seen on HBO as opposed to our silver screens, down under.   Recently I tuned into a great show called  ‘please like me,’  created by Josh Thomas,  where stereotypes of gay men are broken and important issues are explored with colourful and relevant characters to today’s society. The show however was pushed to ABC2 and was suggested it was also too gay for TV.  But the show has now been picked up by Pivot, a new US cable channel and will début in North America in August.  US viewers have already fallen in love with the show and the network is now co-producing the second season…

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Girls Porn Parody Gets The Diss

Boldfinger, Cirque du Hole-A, Breast Side Story, Crocodile Done Me, Diddle Her On The Roof, Forest Hump, Batman In Robin, are just a few of the many Hollywood hits that have become a victim to the porn industry’s parodies. So it’s no shock that the popular TV series Girls is next. (With all the nudity  in that show I thought it was a porno).   However the Hustler filmed parody has received nothing but criticism from star Lena Dunham who released frustrating tweets about “This Ain’t Girls XXX. Dunham tweeted three reasons why she “can’t just laugh off a porn parody” of her show.     1st: “Because Girls is, as it’s core, a feminist action whilst Hustler is a company that markets and monetizes a male’s idea of female sexuality”  (Can someone please tell Lena that women watch porn too and there is porn made for our fantasies).  …

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