Who's Responsible for HIV?

This week I received an article titled, “ Medical Advances No Substitute for Safe Sex Practices”, which was in reference to the recent case of a baby in Mississippi who was cured of AIDS. I assumed this would be just an average article outlining the study and what implications this might have on society and our sexual behaviours. Half way through this article however, I was outraged by the language used and attitudes of the writer towards those who are infected.   It was the below paragraph where I turned a shade of red in anger.   “Worst of all, AIDS is a disease of choice. It starts with people who are unfaithful to their partners. It is sustained by promiscuous participants who refuse to wear condoms or insist that their partners do.”   AIDS/HIV is not always a choice. There might be people who are having riskier and unprotected…

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Condoms Might Not Be Sexy, But Neither Is HIV!

So I was having a quick look through  The Gold Coast Bulletin recently,  and an old story that I was familiar with was mentioned once again. This story is one of  Zimbabwe born circus acrobat, Godfrey Zaburoni, who was committed on one charge of acts intending to cause grievous bodily harm after police allege he knowingly transmitted the HIV virus to a former Gold Coast girlfriend. This story does not just touch my heart because as a Sexologist, the reduction of HIV transmission is something I hope for, but because I once knew Godfrey and his former Gold Coast girlfriend. I did not know them well, nor am I still close to them, but once upon a time I knew them well enough to know their relationship, how happy they were, how sweet he was to her and how she never doubted his love or if she could trust him….

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