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I’m calling BS on celeb split announcements

Original published in news.com WITH the news of Channing and Jenna splitting after nearly nine years of marriage, romantics all over the world have been left doubting the possibility of that precious promise, “til death do us part”. But after…

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Who wore it better, porn or Hollywood?

Recently, I had the pleasure of being on the red carpet at the AVN awards, the Oscars of the porn world. Whilst I was there to film coverage for another piece I was working on, I was surprised by something…

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Are Hollywood Splits Spoiling Happily Ever After?

First it was Miley and Liam and now Shane and Liz.  This week is seeing an all time high in Hollywood splits and it’s only Wednesday.  It’s a fact of life and it’s bound to happen to many of us,…

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Girls Porn Parody Gets The Diss

Boldfinger, Cirque du Hole-A, Breast Side Story, Crocodile Done Me, Diddle Her On The Roof, Forest Hump, Batman In Robin, are just a few of the many Hollywood hits that have become a victim to the porn industry’s parodies. So…

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Demi & Ashton, more than just a divorce

We live in a culture that idolises celebrities and strives to model their behaviour and their lives. This will and has always been a worry to me. These people are celebrities, not perfect human beings. We should pay to see…

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