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Could Cycle of Resentment Be the One Commonality Ending Relationships?

January 8th is known as ‘divorce day’ as it seems to be the most popular day people start divorce proceedings. Why? There has been struggles building towards the end of the previous year but it gets close to Christmas and…

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The women who have sex with their ex-husbands… years after the divorce.

There’s a reason this month’s number one relationship podcast has experienced such unbridled popularity. Alone: A Love Story is like a heart-wrenching, Eat Pray Love-esque audio memoir. The events and the relationship we become swept up in are anything but fiction;…

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It’s totally normal to hate your partner during and after pregnancy, expert reveals

It seems not a girly catch-up goes by with our friends where we don’t whinge about how annoying our partners are. The coffee (or if you’re lucky enough, wine) dates usually go like this: Me: How has your week been? Friend: Work…

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Sex Down Under

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind close doors in each state of Australia? Thanks to The Great Australian Sex Census by RedHotPie.com.au, the results are out and have been compared by state because, as we all know, Aussies…

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