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This is the secret to great sex after kids, according to a sexologist

Having babies can be one of the most beautiful gifts of life, so it seems unfair that one beautiful gift has the potential to negatively impact another – your sex life. First, you need to give yourself a break. And…

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Getting Technosexually Savvy

We help a listener who doesn’t want to have kids figure out how to confess this news to her new boyfriend. We also discuss the 13 places all adventurous couples should have sex and whether watching relationships on reality shows…

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Love Story 1

Well it might have taken a wile, but on day 2 of my quest to have my faith in marriage restored, the emails starting coming in.This one was sent in by Sky.   We met at school, friends of friends….

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Porn Education In Schools?

One of the most common questions I get asked as a Sexologist is, when should I be talking to my kids about sex? My answer – now and it’s still probably too late.  Say this to a parent of a…

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