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Who’s To Blame For Bad Body Image?

I am an advocate for positive body image. I am also finally to that point in life where I am trying harder to accept and love myself more and focus more on heath rather than vein changes. It’s not easy and I have my good days and my bad day but I am trying. In my pursuit of body acceptance, I have become more aware of my surroundings and the messages I am fed. Unfortunately, the industry I work in and love might be one of the things to blame.   In media, we are presented with an image of how a very small percentage of the world looks. There is probably 1% of the population that actually has that perfect look for TV, catwalk or the pages of magazine and the rest seem to spend their entire lives trying to achieve something that might not be naturally possible. If…

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Mother's Day Causes Infidelity

It’s coming up to that one day of the year where we praise the women that created us and bring out the roses, chocolates and breakfasts in bed. But apparently this day could bring out something else – infidelity?   A recent study by cheating website revelled that they see the highest spike in female sign ups on the day after Mother’s day. I would be typically hesitate to quote stats by a website that’s slogan is, “life’s short have an affair,” but there is something to be said when in 2012 the site saw a 439% increase on day after Mother’s Day as compared to a normal day.   What is is about Mother’s Day that sends women into the arms of another person? ( And maybe it’s time for husbands to rethink their standard bathrobe or card).   “Mother’s Day tends to magnify the flaws, leads to…

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