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How celebrity advice on pregnancy is putting women at risk

On the weekend, I was drawn to buy the paper specifically for one article on Camilla Franks, who at the age of 41 is pregnant with her first child, “Camilla tells career girls: ignore baby BS.” Whilst I am a…

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Are We In A Dating Crisis?

I don’t want to be too negative, but it has become apparent we are in the midst of a dating crisis. Now, I am only referring to Sydney here as it the place I call home and know very well…

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The Alpha Female

  I went to the doctor the other day and told her I thought a particular medication I was on was sending me crazy and that my brain wanted to explode from the inside out. (Maybe a combination of stress,…

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Waiting For Mr Right Can Be Wrong?

I don’t quite consider myself a bra burning feminist, but I do have my moments. One of these moments came on the weekend whilst reading The Daily Telegraph and coming across an article titled, “ Waiting For Mr Right Can…

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