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Should We Be Finding A Husband At University?

As a modern Sexologist you might expect me to be up in arms about the recent letter Susan Patton has written to the Editor in the Daily Princetonian, pushing girls to find a husband while at University. But this is…

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Is The Catholic Church Ruining Our Fantasy Of Prince Charming?

It’s not a hidden fact that things are changing in the dating game. Women are becoming stronger and wanting more out of life than just children and babies. We now want it all, but we still want to find prince…

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Are We In A Dating Crisis?

I don’t want to be too negative, but it has become apparent we are in the midst of a dating crisis. Now, I am only referring to Sydney here as it the place I call home and know very well…

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Waiting For Mr Right Can Be Wrong?

I don’t quite consider myself a bra burning feminist, but I do have my moments. One of these moments came on the weekend whilst reading The Daily Telegraph and coming across an article titled, “ Waiting For Mr Right Can…

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