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Sex Down Under

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind close doors in each state of Australia? Thanks to The Great Australian Sex Census by RedHotPie.com.au, the results are out and have been compared by state because, as we all know, Aussies…

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Yes, I am Going To Talk About Anal

The other  weekend I attended a workshop on anal sex by Tristan Taormino, an American sex educator. Whilst most people spent the Easter long weekend with their families eating chocolate ( or matzah balls), I spent mine learning the ins…

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When Does Sex End?

When does sex end? I know it’s a bizarre question, but I am a bizarre person with a bizarre profession ( so I’m allowed to ask these questions). Let’s get all academic and look at the definition (which by the…

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Happy Mardi Gras – But Is It Still Illegal Somewhere To Be Gay?

Tomorrow is the Mardi Gras Parade! One of my favourite times of the year. However, this celebration is one loaded with conflicts and opinions. Everyone has their say, politics comes into action, and sometimes I feel we forget just how…

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Things You Never Knew About Sex

Have you ever heard that saying, the more I learn the less I know?  Well that was once true and maybe partly still is, but what is also true is the more I read the more I know. So maybe…

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Like A Virgin

Virginity! Something we are often too scared to talk about to teens, but really need to be telling them more. Today on Sunrise we spoke about a new controversial reality show in the UK, “ Like a Virgin”, where the…

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