What Are The Measures Of A Relationship?

It seems most of us want to have a healthy or successful relationship. But what does that mean? Is it being together for a certain period of time? Is it having sex a certain amount per week? Or not having arguments?  What really is the right measures of relationships.  

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How To Not Go Insane Whilst In Isolation With Your Partner

If you don’t’ have social media or have been living under a rock, you might have missed the abundance of sarcastic posts and memes circulating in regards to partners being stuck together in isolation at home. I’ve lost count of what week we are in, but already I’m hearing the question asked, “how many divorces and breakup might we see when this period is over? ” There is a funny side for some couples, being able to joke about the other chewing too loudly, but on a more serious level, this is putting a lot of stress and strain on many relationships and not in a fun sarcastic or hilarious way. As it looks like this way of life might be here to say a bit longer, it’s important to address some relationship issues now.   If you haven’t done it already, the first thing you should be doing is…

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Can You Ever Overcome Infidelity in a Relationship? | ASK DR NIKKI

“Hi Dr Nikki. I’m a 40-year-old man, married for 13 years. We have a kid and I found my wife is cheating on me again. I discovered her four years ago having an affair. I forgave her and we worked together to rebuild our relationship but now I’ve realized that she is doing the same thing. I don’t really want to keep going with this. Is it better to finish? I don’t love her the same.”   When it comes to rebuilding a relationship after infidelity, it’s a very complex matter and I feel that as a society, we quickly demonize somebody for doing it when we want to help the other person move on. We say things like “that person disrespected you”, “they have broken your trust”. And whilst that might be true, the biggest thing with infidelity is asking why. That might start to give us insight into…

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Are you responsible for where you are in your relationship right now?

Where you are in your relationship or even relationship status right now is your responsibility. It might sound harsh, but if you can accept that then you can move forward with life and love and have a better chance at actually finding and creating what you want. In relationships, incidences and issues are never isolated one off events, even though sometimes they feel like it and can feel like it’s all the responsibility of someone else. He is being selfish and not spending time with me, she is nagging me all the time, he cheated etc. But every action has a reaction and being with someone means we continue to respond and react to them. Nothing is ever isolated to just one event. A good and controversial example of this is infidelity. When I hear of people cheating, I often wonder what their relationship was really like. This is not…

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