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How Good Are Your Orgasms?

We live in a society where we are constantly trying to improve our sex lives, we want more, we want it longer, harder, faster, softer, more adventurous or more spontaneous or just all the time. It seems we get fed…

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Why You Should Use A Vibrator

It might come as no shock to you but I am fan of the vibrator, professionally and personally. Not only am I about to venture into the pleasure product world from a business point of view,  but also I support…

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Sex Does Not Sell

Most people think sex sells. But in actual fact, it’s not sex, it’s words, things and actions that might imply that sex is involved.  The topic sometimes has to be implied without exactly being mentioned. I am experiencing that being…

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What Girls Think About During Sex

I came across this video and besides the humorous side to it, it is one of those cases that it is funny because it is true. If you are female and watching this I’m sure at least one of those…

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Pricasso – Profanity or Art?

For those of you who have never met Pricasso or seen him in action, to put it in a nut shell he paints portraits with his penis. It’s Picasso with a twist! Maybe he is being resourceful or he just…

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