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Behind the scenes on ‘The Bachelor’

In last night’s episode of The Bachelor, someone familiar might just have appeared. I’ve always be a fan of the show and loved watching, so when I was asked to help explore intimacy and connections between Matt and the final…

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Are you dating a guy from Bachelor In Paradise?

My latest obsession is Bachelor in Paradise. It’s like watching real life Tinder play out with the backdrop of Fiji. But besides the drama, chaos, love triangles, squares and every other shape, it’s the representations of men that has me…

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Could watching ‘Married At First Sight’ be beneficial to your relationship?

Married At First Sight chaos has hit our screen once again and is proving to be the most talked about show on TV, but not always for the right reasons. From a rating perspective, it’s fantastic, but there has been…

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Do you have to be hot to find love on TV?

I recently watched the preview for the upcoming show, Love Island Australia. Whilst I think I’m already addicted before it starts, I doubt it’s for the right reasons. All I see is a bunch of very hot people on their…

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MAFS couples – are we moving too fast?

I like most other people have been caught up in the drama of Married At First Sight. I feel like it’s the drama associated with these marriages rather the marriages themselves that had us really hooked in. Whilst it is…

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Like A Virgin

Virginity! Something we are often too scared to talk about to teens, but really need to be telling them more. Today on Sunrise we spoke about a new controversial reality show in the UK, “ Like a Virgin”, where the…

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