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Is marriage romantic?

As the rest of the world is in still suffering from wedding fever, I thought I would keep on theme. It’s as though the love bug has been spread thanks to Meghan and Harry and we all now believe in…

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Dating App Etiquette

I’m not sure about you, but I have been swept away by the new trend of dating apps. Whether you believe in it or not, apps like Facied and Tinder are proving not only to be a means to meet…

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Did You Forget About Valentine's Day?

This article was inspired by my local deli. Apparently last year on Valentine’s Day, a man stormed in and asked for a chocolate decoration that had been hanging up in the shop for weeks to be cut down so he…

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Why I Hate Valentine's Day

  Firstly I suppose saying  “I hate” is a bit harsh. More like I think this day of days can be a bit dangerous.  It’s dangerous if you are single and it’s dangerous if you are in a relationship. When…

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Condoms Might Not Be Sexy, But Neither Is HIV!

So I was having a quick look through  The Gold Coast Bulletin recently,  and an old story that I was familiar with was mentioned once again. This story is one of  Zimbabwe born circus acrobat, Godfrey Zaburoni, who was committed…

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