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Sex Down Under

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind close doors in each state of Australia? Thanks to The Great Australian Sex Census by RedHotPie.com.au, the results are out and have been compared by state because, as we all know, Aussies…

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Love Story 2

  I suppose when I started this, I should have extended my invite to  stories of people who are you in your life, not just yourself.     I don’t know if this is the sort of thing you’re looking…

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The New Mating Call – Cock Shots!

This post is to all the men out there who have ever sent me a photo of their penis! News flash – it doesn’t work and really does nothing for me.  Sure it’s a great way when you are in…

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Why You Should Use A Vibrator

It might come as no shock to you but I am fan of the vibrator, professionally and personally. Not only am I about to venture into the pleasure product world from a business point of view,  but also I support…

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