Sexy Seniors – The Key to a Happy Life

We are a society that is overly focused with being sexy. You don’t just have to be attractive and smart these days but sexy too. Even a nail colour or an inanimate object can be sexy. So then isn’t it ironic that as we age, the word sexy seems to be the one thing that is not used. Getting older is about being cute, wise and elegant, but unless you are Jane Fonda, being sexually attractive is not often a label used. But this issue has more importance and depth than just losing the label of sexy. As we age, sex is more important. Sex isn’t about just making babies and trying to prolong the honeymoon phase. A lot to do with how we see being sexy in an older generation has much to do with how we see sex in general. It’s not all about penetration, procreation and physical…

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Do you have to be hot to find love on TV?

I recently watched the preview for the upcoming show, Love Island Australia. Whilst I think I’m already addicted before it starts, I doubt it’s for the right reasons. All I see is a bunch of very hot people on their way to an island so this bunch of very hot people can perve on each other, allow us to perve on them and start hooking up with each other (which we will also be perving on). It’s voyeurism at its best. I’m not sure how much genuine love will be found on this so-called love island, but it will be fun to watch. If you haven’t seen the clip already, warning, it might make you want to run straight to the gym. It’s one of the more sexier shows that will strike our screens, but it seems it’s not the only one at the moment. Have you been watching Bachelor…

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The Ultimate Empowering Sex Bucket List For Women

How many times have you put someone else’s pleasure before yours? And how many times have you taken the reins and made sure you were also taken care of? Ladies, you should never be afraid to take the lead and make yourself the focal point in bed, which is why we’ve put together an empowering sex bucket list to tackle immediately. When I spoke with sexologist Dr. Nikki Goldstein about where to begin, she said that it should be “based on things that you truly want to try and not things that you think you should.” We won’t feel fulfilled in our relationships with others or with ourselves if we listen to outside expectations more than our own needs. And while the list ahead isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal, it is a fun starting point to finding out how you can own your sexuality and ways you can be…

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Facebook Dating

Let’s be honest, we have all used Facebook as a dating site. Maybe not directly but we have added someone we had a crush on, sent someone a message we were keen on and liked a photo to remind them we were there. So why not just turn it into one?   Well a new website is promoting casual sex between Facebook friends and redefining sexual relationships.  Bang With Friends (which sounds self explanatory) allows you select the Facebook friends you’d like to have sex with. If the feeling is mutual, both parties receive an email message to establish a get together (or bang). And just when we thought the judgemental aspects of Facebook were safe in our private thoughts, Bang With Friends has a “bangability” score which measures your trending sexiness based on the number of people who view and click on you.   Is this taking Facebook down…

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