Could Take Away Meals Increase Your Sex life?

Where do you get your condoms from, the Supermarket, Chemist? Well apparently if you are living in England, Monkeys Indian Takeaway in Wimbledon will provide this prophylactics with your Curry. Curry the new aphrodisiac?   The restaurant began to offer these ‘Pop-on-a-doms” after a JUST EAT survey showed that 64% of Britons said they think they get lucky more often after spending a night at home on the sofa. To me that’s really no surprise. You are in the comfort of your own home, the couch or bedroom is close and let’s face it, a lot might have to do with logistics. If you are out on a hot date at a restaurant, there is a certain level of planning involved to get from the restaurant table to the bedroom when you are mood. (And maybe a long journey home to loose that certain feeling).  Maybe this is just a…

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