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Are We Demonising Condoms?

Gone are the days where flying was dangerous and sex was safe. You are now safer in a plane and more at risk between the sheets. I’m not trying to turn you off sex, but thanks to our bedroom life…

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Who's Responsible for HIV?

This week I received an article titled, “ Medical Advances No Substitute for Safe Sex Practices”, which was in reference to the recent case of a baby in Mississippi who was cured of AIDS. I assumed this would be just…

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Teen Lust

In the mornings I always have the TV switched on the Morning Show on 7. I appear on this program but also enjoy watching what’s going on and what people are saying. One of the segments I am drawn to…

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Condoms Might Not Be Sexy, But Neither Is HIV!

So I was having a quick look through  The Gold Coast Bulletin recently,  and an old story that I was familiar with was mentioned once again. This story is one of  Zimbabwe born circus acrobat, Godfrey Zaburoni, who was committed…

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