Single in Sydney: Sydney dating and does it matter what we singles wear on dates?

FROM dating trends to tales of love, horror dates to expert tips, Sarah Swain explores single life in Sydney. BOBBLY-JUMPER MAN “YOU are what you wear,” somebody once said. But when it comes to dating, does it matter? It was something I was keen to explore after a recent lucky escape from a man who had a penchant for wearing bobbly ribbed jumpers, too short black work trousers and work shoes — even though he didn’t have a job. That wasn’t the only reason I wasn’t too keen — but it was a glaring issue and one I’m not afraid to admit (braces for trolls). Don’t get me wrong. I love clothes more than most, but I’m certainly not bothered about designer outfits — you can look stylish in Zara, H & M or even op shop with a bit of effort. Jumper man also complained, by text, I never stayed out more than a couple of…

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