Sexual Pleasure For Sale In Supermarkets

Yesterday in the Sun Herald, an article I had been waiting for appeared, but it shocked me with its new and quite controversial angle. I was expecting to find a review about the new Durex pleasure vibes being stocked in supermarkets and instead was greeted with an article title, “ Sex toys canned: woolies bites the bullet and dumps vibrators” What?   I was quoted in this article and do support Durex’s move to put these products into supermarkets, however I do agree that it is controversial and potentially risky.  What I don’t agree with is Woolworths being threaten with a boycott from a Christian group who are presenting information and reasoning that has flaws.     Roslyn Phillips, research officer with Christian advocacy group, Family Voice Australia (the same group that is against gay marriage, abortion and believes sex is only for a husband and wife) stated, “society is…

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Iceland – Anti Porn But Pro Vibrators

Have you ever thought about moving to Iceland? Well think again. A new moderate-right government is being pressured to block online pornography as part of an ongoing cultural debate over free speech and gender equality. (I can imagine the local residents packing their bags as I am writing this).   The proposal is to block access to websites, installing web filters and making it illegal to use an Icelandic credit card to purchase pornography. Does this actually solve anything or just push the industry and it’s ethics underground?   This measure was introduced by former Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir (not anti porn Girls star Lena Dunham). This so called attacked on the Icelandic Porn Industry is the result of a strong feminist force that wishes to eradicate degrading or violent images of women in the public sphere.  Frankly, I’m quite over hearing the anti feminism arguments towards porn. Do feminists…

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