The Art of Divorce

Celebrities and divorce. A statement that goes hand in hand these days. Recently one celebrity decided to take things one step further and held an auction for his pre-loved items. It was called “the art of divorce”

Russell Crowe’s extravagant auction was held on Saturday night. It marked his 54th birthday and coincidently, his wedding anniversary. I along with many others sat in Sydney’s Carriage works, intrigued to see the unwanted items and what their eventual sale price would be.

The auction was full of Crowe memorabilia, including items from Danielle Spencers jewellery collection, movie props including a pair of cherry red Doc Martins worn by Crowe in Romper Stomper that sold for $10,000 and a chariot that is rumoured to have received interest from Ed Sheeran!

Sales from the auction are expected to exceed $4million, with Crowe still receiving offers after the final hammer went down.

Besides the jewellery, a Mercedes used in their wedding and maybe some items that were bought during the marriage, I’m not sure what the rest of the items had to do with his divorce.

However, there was one statement from Crowe in the Sotherbys catalogue that caught my attention. “Divorce has a way of making you really examine the things that are essential in life… and the things that are not”.

This got me thinking, do we hold onto too many things (and unnecessarily clutter our lives as a result) because of their emotional and sentimental connection.?

What do you keep and what do you get rid of?

It’s all about finding a balance. Yes, we all want a fresh start with no bad memories, but we also need to remember the good times as they make us who we are. Do we really need to keep material things to cherish these memories? Will the wedding photo hanging on the loungeroom wall scare off new partners?

It is a personal decision, but I think its important to examine if there are things from past relationships or marriages that may be cluttering your life both physically and emotionally. Are these objects holding you back? I believe objects can carry emotions and energies and you need to assess whether you want or need that energy or emotion in your life.

I remember when I realised I was still wearing a charm my ex-boyfriend had given me. It was a beautiful Tiffany heart that had “I love you” engraved on it. We used to joke that if we ever broke up I would just put a cross through it and I wouldn’t throw it out, as after all it was a Tiffany charm!

It was quite a few years after we had broken up that I realised I was still wearing it and subconsciously carrying the associated emotional memories. Rather than throw it in the bin, I decided to do something out of the ordinary and I ended up donating it to the Museum of Broken Relationships in LA where I did my book launch for Single but Dating. There it rests to this day, along with its story in the hope that it will bring a little giggle to others and some advice and inspiration on how to heal, post break up.

Nikki xo

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