The Best Sex I Ever Had

I was contacted by Cleo Magazine recently and asked to do something I had never done before, write a short piece about the best sex I ever had.


Now I do tend to sometimes draw from personal experience when it comes to giving advice, but I’m always careful as to how much personal detail I include.  There is a thought amongst some of my mentors that as Sexologists, it’s it not our job to let you know what happens in our own lives, but give you the information and data needed. I do disagree with this and believe it’s important for us to show you we are  people too, so maybe it was about time for me to take it a step further in print.  But I did hesitate for a moment.


Once I got over the hurdle of expressing my personal sex life in a national magazine, I started thinking about what was the best sex I’d ever had. You see I don’t’ tend to label sexual partners in a pecking order or give them a score out of ten. I see each sexual partner and experience as unique and never could compare them against each other but I suppose for this purpose I had to choose one.


Asking what good sex is is like asking how long is a piece of string. Is it how long they last, how many orgasms you have, how noisy you were etc. What are the defining factors to good sex? And can we even define them? Does penetration even count? Can you have good sex without having penetration sex? These are questions I want you to ask yourself when you look back on your past sexual histories.


What do I think good sex is? Good sex to me is when you have fun, when you feel fulfilled, turned on and connected with that person. When you leave every negative thought about yourself, your body and your life behind and you and are 100% involved and present in the experience.  It’s that moment when you feel  content, warm, relaxed and you can feel your heart pumping blood around your entire body. Good sex is when you are left with a smile from ear to ear. Now that definition does not involve a particular act , a length of a particular act or a number an act is performed. It’s an indescribable feeling but it’s once that lasts. That’s what good sex is, a great memory and a memory that is unique to each person.


So until this issue of Cleo is published, you will just have to wait to hear what the best sex is I’ve ever had, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell me yours.



Until Friday 8.00pm, go and like my Facebook page and DM me your best sex ever stories. The winner will receive a Dare Me Pleasure Pack by Lelo valued at over $150. Please keep in mind the winner’s story will be revealed on my blog so lest try keep it hot but clean.


Happy Sharing ( and happy remembering – is it hot in here?).



Dr Nikki

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