The body language of Mr and Mrs Trump

There is a new circulation of articles recently exploring the body language of Mr and Mrs Trump. I don’t care and neither should you, nor should these findings be much of a surprise. From his actions and behaviours in years gone past, are we surprised he is not husband of the year? There is no fake news in that. A picture says a thousand words (and so does a tape recording), but you don’t need to be a body language expert to see that.

Melania and Donald, even though they are America’s first couple, are a representation of a norm that’s very common and not so new, trading looks for money (although there’s is more obvious than others).

Spending the week in LA, I was able to see what happens in most other metropolitan areas, however here it’s magnified. Most men were admitting to me that this is what women want and most women didn’t have to. But trading looks for money is a modern evolutionary model (with sometimes an actual model) and instead of sugar coating it, maybe we should be accepting it as a relationship type.

When a young attractive woman “falls” for an older less attractive but wealthy man, to the onlookers both parties will justify it with other qualities than looks or money. But most of the time, the people around them know what it is. Even the couple knows what it really is, so why do we all play along? It’s as though the big pink elephant in the room is a sexy pink elephant wearing a dress made out of diamonds and jewels and no one is saying a thing.

But can these relationships work? Of course, just look at Melania and Donald, their marriage has made it all the way to the Whitehouse. Before anyone in one of these relationship types wants to try and justify theirs to me, I don’t doubt that love can grow but I also don’t doubt that love wasn’t the initial or only attraction.

In ancient years, woman married or procreated with a man that could provide or ensure the survival of their young. This might have been due to the fact that woman couldn’t fend for themselves or couldn’t work and earn a living, but now that we can, does it just mean those that marry for money are lazy? But marrying for money can be hard work just like any relationship can. But this time there could be more to loose than just love. You have to look the part, play the part and always be ready to shine. If you trade your looks for money then that’s what might be expected to be kept. Just as though the expectation might also be there for him to keep his large bank account.

Lets call a spade a spade. There are many relationships out there jus like the Trumps that would not have survived if he was poor and she was ugly. I’m sure they do love each other, but their love might be a type of love. One of convenience, companionship and fulfilling a need, not a passionate can’t live without you connection like we saw with the Obamas. But should we think any less of their relationship because it occurred this way? Many out there might not think Trump is terribly respectful and considerate of his wife due to his lack of hand holding, but that also just might be the type of relationship they have.

Whilst I personally would prefer a relationships like the Obamas than the Trumps, I can’t deny that theirs is common and works for those who hold these same values – money, power, youth and looks. Should we continue to criticise the first couple for this or just accept it and focus on criticising him for everything else? Whilst this isn’t a relationship type for me, it is a relationship type and is a modern form of an evolutionary model. It’s not survival now days as such, but the new version of survival for some – a life of luxury.

This relationship type though comes with a warning. If you are dating by trading looks for money, know that looks can fade and what you are trading might not be as valuable any more. And then you need to consider, is there enough love and passion for the relationship to last?

Trade away if you must, but understand what you are trading and know that you are worth more than just trading the outside of yourself.

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